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DJ Martin

Posted by ayn on April 3, 2017

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Martin has been working hard for many years in the areas of community health, positive youth engagement, and mentorship specifically with young men and women in Albuquerque. Martin has also become heavily involved in radio, DJ, and music industry locally and regionally. Martin currently works as a full-time employee with the New Mexico Department of Health as a Disease Prevention Specialist, proving health education and partner elicitation services to patients dealing with STI’s. Working closely with local community based organizations, schools, and the community at large in the realm of healthy and safe sexual health practices.

Martin never hesitates to be part of community work and grassroots organizing all reflective of his passion to make events stand out. Whether he is providing music for the Department of Health at PRIDE or dj-ing poetry showcases for the Youth Engagement Project with Carlos Flores, Martin is always lending a helping hand.  He works and volunteers for many organizations big and small. In the past, he worked with an international organization called Advocates for Youth in Washington D.C. Advocates for Youth strives to advocate for policies and champion programs in the nation’s capitol around reproductive health rights for young people across the world; or helping create healthy messages using art and poetry with the Youth Engagement Project and presenting it to the mass audience of New Mexico.  

Martin has worked as a weekend on-air talent and DJ, for some of Albuquerque’s top radio stations including Top 40 Rhythmic and Hip Hop. Martin has been involved in the music/DJ community for several years, and in that time, has been able to host events, travel and provide great role modeling for future up and coming DJs and music driven individuals. Martin has done DJ 101 seminars throughout a few high schools and summer camps to teach the basic and important fundamentals of the art of hip hop and dj-ing. 

We look forward to having DJ Martin at the #2017COH Wellness Night on Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm. Come join us and indulge in some self-care by dancing the night away!