Hope, Love, Faith

Posted by ayn on February 1, 2019

Storm.pngJune 3rdis coming up and it is a very special day for me. I will be recovered from drugs and alcohol for two years on that day. Before that I was depressed, hurt unhealthy, stressed, hopeless and lost. I struggled with addiction majority of my life and never knew why, I just couldn’t stop. Why I hurt the people that love me the most and felt I love the people that didn’t love me back. Until finally my addiction took me to my hospital bed with doctors saying I wasn’t going to survive. It’s crazy how fear intervenes and had to knock me on my ass in order for me to take it seriously. I am very fortunate to be here to tell you all a little bit of my story and hopefully spread a little HOPE and FAITH to people that are going through similar things in their life. 

My name is Storm. I am an HIV positive Transgender Woman and a recovered addict. This will be my first time attending the Circle of Harmony. I am very honored to be a part of this year’s planning committee. I have worked in the HIV field in Los Angeles in the past and that’s where a lot of my passion started in Prevention and Outreach within the Transgender Community. I have dedicated a lot of my time volunteering in the 2SLGBTQ Community these last 14 months. I am currently a part of the Ryan White Planning Council in Maricopa County, Arizona. I currently sit on the board with Native PLFAG and the president of Native Trans Support Team of AZ group. 

I feel it is very important for me to tell you all a little bit about my story to let you know that there is hope beyond a lot of the obstacles that life face us with. Fighting for my life was one of the hardest things I did. Because all I knew how to do since I was a little girl was to run from my problems and not face it. Even writing this blog is something that was very hard for me because I’m not good at writing, I’m not good at expressing my feelings and telling people I haven’t even me a big chunk of my story and that alone is a fear that I’m facing head on.  

Finally I want to let you know is that if no one has told you that they love you today I want you to know that I love you. I value you, and I cannot wait to meet you at this year’s 2019 COH. Thank you very much for having me.

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