14th Circle of Harmony HIV/AIDS Wellness Conference

Bridging Generations: Thinking ahead while always being informed by the past

Press & Digital Resources


We encourage journalists to join us at the 14th Circle of Harmony HIV/AIDS Wellness Conference! Interested journalists will go through a vetting process, which will begin in early 2019.

If you are planning to register as media, please be prepared to provide the following media accreditation materials:

  • Copies of three (3) examples of your recent and relevant work, under your byline. Articles must show that you publish regularly for a reputable news outlet. Scanned copies, recordings of complete URLs are sufficient.
  • A letter from your editor on official letterhead, stating that he/she has assigned you to cover #2019COH
  • A copy of your press credentials. If you do not have credentials, this must be clearly stated in the letter from your editor.


If you have questions about #2019COH media opportunities, please contact Ayn Whyte (awhyte@aaihb.org) for more information.