13th Circle of Harmony HIV/AIDS Wellness Conference

Comprehensive Approaches to Healthier Communities

Mattee Jim

Mattee Jim is of the Zuni People Clan and born for the Tower House People Clan, this is how she identifies as a Navajo. Mattee has been active in the HIV Prevention field for the past 18 years, she has presented at several conferences, including: the International AIDS Conference 2012, United States Conference on AIDS, National HIV Prevention Conference, and many more. Mattee has also been doing Transgender Advocacy since the late 90s and has done it on a local, state, and national level. Mattee is currently employed with First Nations Community HealthSource as a Supervisor for HIV Prevention Programs. She is also a decision making member for the New Mexico Community Planning and Action Group which addresses HIV Prevention within the State of New Mexico, Co-Chair for the Transgender People of Color Coalition, Board Member for the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico, Planning Committee Member for the Circle of Harmony, member of the Native LGBTQ2S Advisory Committee for SWIWC, Member of the National Transgender Coalition for Transgender Law Center, Transgender Advocate, Trainer, Consultant, and Extraordinary person. Mattee's Journey has been a Blessed one since she started her sobriety several years ago.