13th Circle of Harmony HIV/AIDS Wellness Conference

Comprehensive Approaches to Healthier Communities

Barbara Plested

Barbara Plested, Ph.D., is Affiliate Faculty at Colorado State University, and co-owner of Council Oak Training and Evaluation, Inc., a female and American Indian owned company. She has worked in the provision of services to a variety of populations, and served as Director of a jail-based program in Detroit, Michigan. She has thirty years of experience, serving both as an administrator as well as a therapist in the fields of HIV/AIDS, mental health and substance abuse in addition to 25 years of research experience. She serves as an evaluator and grant writer for several Native American programs and is co-author and co-developer of the Community Readiness Model (CRM). She has conducted community research and evaluation using the CRM on a variety of issues and has utilized it in over 5,000 communities in all fifty states, Italy, Israel, Canada and 44 other countries.