14th Circle of Harmony HIV/AIDS Wellness Conference

Bridging Generations: Thinking ahead while always being informed by the past

Curtis Harris-Davia

Curtis Harris-Davia, an enrolled member of the San Carlos Apache Nation, began his work in HIV in 1989 when he founded and directed the HIV Project at the American Indian Community House in New York City. Over his ten years as the Director, he created many programs for HIV prevention and care especially designed for Native Americans. In 1995, he created a statewide network of Education programs in five Native American communities. For his work, he was recognized with a $100,000 award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Harris-Davia organized the first Two Spirits and HIV conference in 1991 and is organizing the second HIV and Two Spirits conference for June 2019. Since 2002, Harris-Davia has worked as a Grants Administrator at institutions of Higher Education including Columbia University, Barnard College and Montclair State University. Harris-Davia currently servers as the Executive Director of the American Indian Community House in New York City.