13th Circle of Harmony HIV/AIDS Wellness Conference

Comprehensive Approaches to Healthier Communities

Suzanne Nash

Suzanne Nash (Ojibwe) has worked in Tobacco control for 13 years and is a LAAMPP Alumnae and in her 2nd year as Policy Champion. Suzanne has facilitated and coordinated tobacco cessation, education and policy work with 11 tribes in Minnesota and the urban area. She was worked at Indigenous Peoples Task Force for close to 15 years, as a Tobacco Program Manager, Housing Director, Medical Case Management Supervisor and as a Youth Coordinator for the Waybingay Curriculum (facing on tobacco prevention, cessation and alcohol and drugs). For the past 10 years, Suzanne has organized and facilitated statewide conferences around tobacco, cultural teachings, traditional foods, environmental issues and policy work. Suzanne organized and facilitated the Seeds Network Council in planning and budgeting for this conference (a gathering for adults and youth to learn about sacred medicines, growing traditional foods and how to care for our environment).