14th Circle of Harmony HIV/AIDS Wellness Conference

Bridging Generations: Thinking ahead while always being informed by the past


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

8:30 am – 5:00 pm  Foyer

Registration Open

8:30 am – 10:00 am  Room TBD


8:30 am – 11:45 am  Room TBD


  • Stella Martin
  • TBD
Opening Song
  • TBD
AAIHB Executive Director Address
  • Nancy Martine-Alonzo, Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board, Inc.
AAIHB Board of Director Address
  • Donnie Garcia, Albuquerque Area Indian Health Board, Inc.
Keynote Address
  • TBD

11:45 am – 1:30 pm

LUNCH (on your own)

1:00 pm - 4:15 pm 


Room TBD

HIV Prevention and Reproductive Justice
  • Rebecca Jones, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains
  • Sherri Willeto, First Nations Community Healthsource
  • Faith Baldwin, Navajo Nation Social Hygiene

Room TBD

Root Cause Analysis: A Community Engagement Process for Identifying Social Determinants of HIV
  • Hannabah Blue, MSPH, John Snow, Inc.
  • Laura Gerard

Room TBD

PrEP (Pending)
  • Terri Bramel, MHS, Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  • Rick Haverkate, MPH, Indian Health Services

3:00 pm - 3:15 pm




5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Circle of Harmony AIDS Walk